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AFA 的目的是:

1. 为那些被心房纤颤所困扰的患者提供相关�'�持�'�信息
2. 提高医学�'业人士及公共大众在心房纤颤方面的相关教育水平,
3. 促进与心房纤颤诊治相关的�'究




AF Aware Week 21-27 November 2016

The aims of AF Aware Week are simple: 

To support AF Aware Week give information to your friends and family, or display and share information about AF in your local centres, which provide support and information.



AF Aware Week resources are available for download here.


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Major report on AF launched by AFA

A major source of information for patients and healthcare professionals on all aspects of AF, including urgent actions needed now to prevent untreated AF from causing a stroke epidemic.

Read the AF Report

Calculate your personal risk of stroke because of AF

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European Atlas of the Prevention of AF-Related Stroke launched


27 November 2014

The Route Map and European Atlas on the prevention of AF-related stroke is a new, comprehensive report which shows what different countries in Europe are doing to improve the prevention of AF-related stroke. The report presents key data documenting the burden posed by AF-related strokes in different countries, highlights key issues and challenges in implementing best practice and provides examples of successful initiatives that have made a difference to patients.

Please click here to download the full interactive report.