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Benvenuti in AFA

Benvenuti in AFA (Associazione Fibrillazione Atriale), organizzazione internazionale che fornisce informazioni, supporto ed accesso ai trattamenti consolidati, nuovi o innovativi della fibrillazione atriale (FA).

La Fibrillazione Atriale (FA) è il più comune disturbo del ritmo cardiaco riscontrato dai medici. La Fibrillazione Atriale è un’attività elettrica caotica che si genera nelle camere superiori del cuore (atri). Questo comporta che gli atri non si contraggono più con un ritmo regolare ed organizzato, il polso diventa irregolare e l’attività di contrazione e pompa del cuore risulta meno efficiente.

AFA ha come obbiettivi di:

  1. Fornire assistenza ed informazioni sulla fibrillazione atriale alle persone colpite da questa patologia
  2. Migliorare la formazione della comunità medica e dell'opinione pubblica sul tema della fibrillazione atriale
  3. Promuovere la ricerca sulla gestione della fibrillazione atriale

Il successo e la crescita di AFA nel Regno Unito ha spinto ed ispirato lo sviluppo e la consapevolezza a livello internazionale. E’ con questo presupposto che è nata AFA-International, con l'obiettivo generale di garantire a chiunque affetto da FA di ricevere la diagnosi corretta, il trattamento appropriato, adeguato sostegno ed intervento di un professionista medico.

AF Aware Week 21-27 November 2016

The aims of AF Aware Week are simple: 

To support AF Aware Week give information to your friends and family, or display and share information about AF in your local centres, which provide support and information.



AF Aware Week resources are available for download here.


Click here to sign our AF Screening Pledge


Fibrillazione atriale in Italia, carenza di informazione e sottoutilizzo delle nuove e piu sicure terapie. Arriva in Italia edoxaban, il nuovo anticoagulante orale Daiichi Sankyo












Deputato italiano al Parlamento europeo partecipa all’appello per rendere la prevenzione degli ictus correlati alla fibrillazione atriale una priorità sanitaria a livello nazionale


AF Association has launched an online petition which calls for an early review of the UK National Screening Committee’s (NSC) policy on screening for AF in the over 65s. Please sign our petition and together we can make a difference and help to prevent suffering. Read more.


ESC Congress 2015

Future of Anticoagulation Initiative interview with Trudie Lobban, Founder and CEO of Atrial Fibrillation Association and Professor John Camm, Professor of Clinical Cardiology.

Trudie Lobban, Founder and CEO of Atrial Fibrillation Association interview -

Cosa chiedono i pazienti europei affetti da fibrillazione atriale

Professor John Camm, Professor of Clinical Cardiology interview -                                       Il futuro della terapia anticoagulante: cosa resta da fare?

New European atlas on the prevention of AF-related stroke launched:

The Route Map and European Atlas on the prevention of AF-related stroke is a new, comprehensive report which shows what different countries in Europe are doing to improve the prevention of AF-related stroke. The report presents key data documenting the burden posed by AF-related strokes in different countries, highlights key issues and challenges in implementing best practice and provides examples of successful initiatives that have made a difference to patients.

The interactive report can be accessed here.

Paolo Binelli, President of A.L.I.Ce, was a key contributor to the report, and the Route Map features A.L.I.Ce.’s awareness campaign on AF, in which free screening for AF is provided along with blood pressure measurement in over 3000 pharmacies across Italy. The European Atlas contains a country profile on Italy, which reveals that Italy has comparatively good data on AF and AF-related stroke compared to other European countries. The prevalence of AF is approximately 1.85% in Italy, and one in four strokes are due to AF. Up to one third of AF patients at high risk of AF-related stroke do not receive anticoagulation therapy as recommended by clinical guidelines, and there are significant differences in practice between cardiology specialist centres and general (internal) medicine.






Take Action Now: A supporto della prevenzione dell’ictus da FA

Burden of treatment

Share your experience of how treatments affect your life. For example: visits to the doctor, medical tests, treatment management, and lifestyle changes.

Most doctors are unaware of the remarkable efforts patients must make in order to care for themselves.

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Major report on AF launched by AFA

A major source of information for patients and healthcare professionals on all aspects of AF, including urgent actions needed now to prevent untreated AF from causing a stroke epidemic.

Read the AF Report

Calculate your personal risk of stroke because of AF

Watch AF animation>>

Download Global Patient Charter

AF-related stroke in Europe: a preventable problem

How can we avoid a stroke crisis in Europe: Updated EU Report